Rod Network Belt ECO

Rod network belts are characterized by their precise, maintenance-free belt run and small transfer radius. They are capable of reliably transporting even small products and seamlessly transferring them to downstream machines. The open mesh structure permits unobstructed, hygienic passage of liquids, heat, cold or air.


  • Stainless steel versions approved for use in food processing per VO EC 1935/2004
  • Economical solution for standard applications
  • Positive guidance
  • Small transfer radii
  • Thin, flexible and light belt construction
  • Permeable belt structure
  • Hygienic design




Additional information

Application Areas

Bread crumbing machines
Cleaning machines
Cooling tunnels
Drying tunnels
Enrobing machines
Glazing machines
Laser cutting machines
Leaching machines
Soldering machines
Sprinkling machines


1.1211 spring steel wire 0.9-1.8(Used where no demands in terms of corrosion resistance) (Temperature range from -10° C to +70° C)
1.4310 stainless steel wire 1.0-2.8(Used where corrosion resistance under normal conditions is desirable) (Temperature range from -50° C to +250° C)
K2390 Stainless Steel Wire 1.0-2.35(Used if a high level of corrosion resistance is required)( Temperature range from -80° C to +280° C)
All wires high-gloss polished: Reduction of product adhesion to smooth surface due to low-impact wire processing.


Up to 4000 mm wide, and above in special cases

Min Max Temp

-80 deg C
280 deg C


Up to 15 m/min.


Connection options
Splicing tube
Transfer disc
Transfer elements
Transfer profile
Transfer roller
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Can Be combined with

Guide Chains