Timing Belt

Our timing belts are the preferred choice when it comes to perfectly positioned, synchronous conveying and smooth power transmission. Their mechanical characteristics are as attractive as is their cost efficiency. Depending on the application and customer needs, a variety of configurations are available that are also capable of accommodating any coating need.

Top Characteristics

  • Suitable for large center distances
  • Perfect positioning
  • Smooth, silent running
  • Low stress on rollers and bearings
  • Low costs, low maintenance



Additional information


Hygiene products industry
Printing industry, folding boxes and cartons


Duroplastic (PU)
Kevlar tension members
Steel tension members
Thermoplastic PU
Without added recycled materials

Min./ Max/ Temp

-20 deg c
80 deg c

Special Features

Chemical resistance to oils, greases and petrol,
hydrolysis and ageing-resistant


Coating as requested and depending on application
Surface ground or milled
Variable tooth and splice distribution
With cleats
With profiles